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beautiful salon suites in the heart of Clarksville

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providing space for salon professionals to thrive in for over 30 years

Trendsetters Salon was founded in 1987 and has been home to many salon professionals over the years, from beginner to seasoned, and in 2020, we added salon suites to our existing booth rental location.

We are passionate about providing a beautiful space for people to flourish in. Let Trendsetters be the place you bring your suite dreams into reality.

In a private suite, you truly have total control of your business. Not only can you be your own boss, but you can fully customize the experience you provide for your guests with your personalized decor, music, suite arrangement, and more. Now your workplace can become your very own little slice of home sweet home.

why choose trendsetters?

be your own boss

Take control of your career

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YOUr new salon suite home

Trendsetters Salon & Suites
139 E Old Trenton Rd
Clarksville, TN 37043

Manager, Erica Arroyo
(931) 206-9530
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Please contact our manager Erica directly to request a tour, request more info, or join a waiting list. You can also contact Erica at 931-206-9530 (text or call) or 


My clients loved my Trendsetter Salon Suite. They loved the vibe and feel of the building. The quiet environment walking in and the beautiful decor that was just so peaceful. The location was so easy to find and the parking was so nice! Being able to bring your own personality to the room and have privacy with your clients was one of the things I loved most! Highly recommend!
Suite Tenant
with Trendsetters 2021-2022
I call it a leap of faith, investing in my dream of being a business owner. Finding out that Trendsetters Salon was expanding horizons and adding on Salon Suites was the perfect opportunity! I am so glad I did! With a cozy spot to call my own, my clients sink in comfort! Trendsetters owner Annette and manager Erica go above and beyond to welcome each of the tenants! The building is brand new, and the decor is charming and elegant. The freedom of setting my own work days and hours to accommodate my busy schedule has been life changing. I have rented this space for my business for over a year now! I love it! My clients love it! And I will be in the Trendsetters suites for many years to come!
Suite Tenant
with Trendsetters since 2017
I love being a suite renter! Being in my own suite has given me the opportunity to cater to every type of clientele. Clients have the option to sit back and close their eyes in a quiet environment, or we can chit chat and laugh our whole appointment! Being a business owner has allowed me to take control of my career. I can customize my music, temperature, and room decor however I like it! My customers have really enjoyed a more private and luxurious experience. At Trendsetters Salon & Suites, we are like a sisterhood. We are a close group of friendly, hard-working women who empower each other!
Suite Tenant
with Trendsetters since 2015
I love my business being at Trendsetters Salon & Suites because it's the perfect location! Easy to get in and out of the parking lot. I love that I can paint or decorate however I want. I can adjust my own temperature in the room, which is a huge plus for me! The owner is a Christian woman who helps me every step of the way. The manager Erica is so smart and helpful!
Suite Tenant
with Trendsetters Since 2020
I love being an independent contractor at Trendsetters. This is the second time I have rented here, this time is now six years and counting. This is like a second family to me; the friendships and bonds are genuine. I love the location, parking is wonderful, red light, easy to access. My clients love it, and my business has flourished here both times.
Booth Renter
with Trendsetters since 2015
I absolutely love being a suite renter at Trendsetters! Everyone was incredibly welcoming and helpful to me getting adjusted to both being a new suite renter as well as returning to the area and rebuilding my clientele.
Suite Tenant
with Trendsetters since 2021
I love working at Trendsetters. It is the best place I have ever worked. I love being an independent booth renter here, and it is the busiest salon I have ever worked at. People get along, help each other out. My clients love the atmosphere; it's beautifully decorated. Favorite place I have ever worked.
Booth Renter
with Trendsetters since 2020